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Why praying for/over the food we eat.

Posted on March 9, 2014 at 2:26 PM

Why praying for/over the food we eat, 
before we eat it?
Because we give thanks to God for our food and 
we break every curse, in Jesus' name, 
that can have been spoken against the food we eat.
Unhealthy things can also been put into 
the food and when we eat it, 
we get infected with this and demons 
starts their damaging work in your body.
You may don't know that food can have demons? 
It can, someone can ask demons to enter into the 
food and get into the people that eat it and 
the evil curses can happen.
So clean the food with your words in Jesus name 
and thank God for your food.
Read this article (That article is not made by me):

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